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Electronic ignition has long been recognized as a means of increasing a motorbike or a car's efficiency. It does this simply by burning the fuel very much more effectively than is possible with any traditional contact breaker "points" system.

The NewTronic Contactless Electronic Ignition System gives seven major advantages:

NewTronic Ignition System motorcyclereduces fuel consumption
electronicincreases power
ignitionimproves starting
kitis reliable
newtronicsdrastically reduces exhaust pollution
motorbikereduces maintenance
pirahnaleads to smoother running.


Ignition Kit Prices

Prices vary depending on the make and model. Kits are available for various models of the following bike manufacturers:
Aermacchi, Benelli, BMW, BSA, Ducati, Enfield, Honda, Jawa, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Moto Laverda, MV Augusta, MZ, Norton, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha.

Shipping to Australian destination

  • Single, two or four cylinder kits from AUD $188.65 + postage (inc GST)
  • Three cylinder kits from AUD $248.33 + postage (inc GST)

Shipping to Overseas destination

  • Single, two or four cylinder kits from AUD $171.50 + postage
  • Three cylinder kits from AUD $225.75 + Postage

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For more information about electronic ignition systems and replacement ignition kits for your motorcycle - click the following links or scroll down the page.


Fuel economy - by burning the petrol more completely the engine uses less fuel resulting in a significant increase in miles per gallon.

Increased power - as a direct result of more complete combustion, the engine produces more power for the same amount of fuel making your car or bike more responsive.

Better starting - the increased energy in the spark makes starting easier and gives "first time" starting almost every time.

Reliability - the unit gives a reliability, which is only obtainable through the latest solid state electronics. 

Cleaner exhaust and lower greenhouse gas emissions - electronic ignition is the standard in many countries that have stringent exhaust regulations.

Reduced maintenance - with no contacting moving parts to wear out, no points to replace, and timing that stays accurate for an indefinite period maintenance requirements are considerably reduced.

Smoother running - the accurate timing of the unit together with the complete elimination of points bounce means that an engine runs much more smoothly.

How It Works

The contactless electronic ignition system uses an optical trigger to energize the coil. A slotted disc fitted, revolves between an infra-red light emitting diode and a photo-transistor. As the slots in the disc alternately expose and cover the light they activate the photo-transistor which in turn triggers the circuitry to switch the coil and produce a spark.

At high speeds, the disc system allows up to three times longer for the coil to charge than is available with a points system. This ensures a powerful spark even at high speed.

Another important feature of this system is that there are no contacting moving parts, so wear and tear are eliminated and the timing stays accurate for an indefinitely long period.

Simple to fit

The NewTronic ignition kit is easy to fit and comes with full, simple fitting instructions. First the old points and condenser are removed from the distributor and replaced by the adapter, disc and lamp. All that remains is to connect the unit to the coil, a 12 volt power supply and to earth.

Compare the output

Ignition Graph - click to see larger version (Click to view diagram.) The diagram clearly shows the advantage that can be gained from fitting a NewTronic Contactless Ignition system. The grey area shows just how much more energy the spark has even over correctly adjusted new points. The light blue areas shows how spark energy decreases as points become worn.

After 5,000 miles the frictional wear and points erosion will impair the timing and reduce the energy available to the spark. Contactless Ignition has no frictional losses and is switched faster at all speeds for ultimate efficiency.

What does the Ignition Kit contain?

NewTronic kit
click to enlarge
(actual contents may vary depending upon the model of bike)

All ignition kits contain the following:-

  • Optical trigger(s): The lamp set supplied consists of one, two or three optical triggers connected to a long wire lead to be connected to the switching unit.
  • Mounting for Optical Trigger(s): This will be a new baseplate, segment plate or adapter plate depending on the kit.
  • Rotor(s): In some kits there are several rotors supplied to increase the number of motorcycles that the kit will fit.
  • Switching Unit: This will be a single, twin, or triple channel switching unit depending on the motorcycle make and model.
  • A wiring loom is supplied with the correct type of connector for your bike to connect the switching unit to the coils and the switched live feed. 
  • Sticky Pad: An industrial strength sticky pad is supplied to stick the switching unit in a convenient place.

Extras: All necessary screws are supplied. Some kits also have different size spacers to raise or lower the height of the pick-ups if necessary.

Note: A small amount of Loctite or similar thread loc should be used on all screws.

Technical Specifications


12 volts ( Also 6 volt kits available)

Operating range

9 - 18 volts


Negative earth


l80mA at 13.5 volts


Range of coils up to 8 amps


Works in conditions from -40 C to +100 C

Polarity protected  Protected against accidental battery or jump starting but not against incorrect connection during installation
Output voltage With typical standard coil:
Open circuit 30KV
50 pf load 24KV
1 megohm 50 pf 18KV
Rise time 20 Ás

Motorcycle Makes

Kits are available for the following road bikes:

Aermacchi Honda MZ
Benelli Jawa Norton
BMW Kawasaki Suzuki
BSA Moto Guzzi Triumph
Ducati Moto Laverda Yamaha
Enfield MV Augusta  

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If you don't see your make and model listed, Contact us with your requirements and let us know what you are looking for.

All ignition kits come with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty

A switching unit (black box) and adaptor kit is available separately if required - see Order Form.

* NewTronic were previously known as Newtronic Systems, which were previously known as Piranha



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